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Posted by Shelley Tilbrook on 28/10/2022.

Q&A with EA Offical Lindy Young on her Pratoni Experience

We spoke with EA Offical, Lindy Young about her experience, working as an official in Pratoni at the FEI World Championships.


When did you find out about Pratoni and what was your role?

My appointment to Patroni started well over a year ago when I received an email from Nicky Kelly , telling me she had been given the job as Chief Steward for the Eventing for the World Championships in Italy and hoped I could be part of her stewarding team.

At the time I was very reserved to accept the position knowing what we were going through in Australia at that time and all the unknowns with overseas travel related to Covid.

It wasn’t until about April 2022 that I could see the trip a possibility and confirmed my commitment to travel.

As it turned out I was lucky enough to join the stewarding team once again at Burghley HT prior to Patroni, with Fiona Murihead as our CS and Nicky Kelly as part of the team.  This proved a great advantage with a lot of stewarding ideas etc discussed prior to Patroni.  Nicky had been an official at Patroni on many occasions and had done the Test Event earlier in the  year which was an essential part of the on going plans.

What was your biggest highlight?

The main highlight when working within a stewarding team at a big event for me is the comradeship amongst the stewarding team, working together towards making the competition the best it can be for all riders, horses and countries.  To enable to do this in a fair and equal way, with no compromise to the horses, with everyone enjoying their event to their best ability within the FEI rules is our aim, and to me is always the highlight.

What were the days like?

Our days our always long and we all share the work load, so the evening meal together with a raise of our glasses satisfied the day went well is always a good time…then bed!

My positions over the course of the actual competition were, a hold steward at the trot ups, gate escort / bit spur check after dressage, in cool down on cross country day then at warm-up fences on the final jumping day. At these lager events it’s more the practice for each person to remain at their same job for the entire time with no rotations as we would perhaps see at more local events.  This just keeps more consistency and less confusion for the riders/countries and hopefully lowering stress levels ! 

How long have you been an Official?

I have been lucky enough to be stewarding FEI for 12 years now, my apprenticeship being at Kentucky WEG with Chris Wallis as my “guiding light” and actually where I first met Nicky Kelly.  

What do you love most?

I think the best part and what I love about the job is having the privilege to see the best riders and horses within the sport competing on the world stage ( we don’t actually see much of the competition as we are back of house) but watching the training is the best!

What keeps you coming back as an Official?

The life long friendships and working with the stewarding “family” around the world  is by far one of  the most rewarding things I have done , learning more about the sport we love , having no regrets and making many wonderful memories is part of the journey.


Congratulations Lindy on your selection and what a wonderful experience you have had.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or gaining some officials credientials, find out more here.

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