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Posted by National Admin on 19/02/2020.

Reminder 31st March Final date to complete new Online FEI Competency-Based Evaluation System

REMINDER - Online assesment to be completed by 31st March 2020. 

The FEI has released its new Competency-based Evaluation System (CES) in order to replace the age limit rule, which was deemed discriminatory and ineffective.

In a bid to address the age limit rule but also in terms of management and proficiency, the FEI Education & Officials department has developed a framework that replaces the current “Refresher Seminars” by a more appropriate education system – FEI CES - specifically aimed at improving the quality and management of FEI Officials in terms of education, opportunities and experience.

The FEI will soon be implementing the first phase of the FEI Competency-based Evaluation System (CES) and this communication is an initial email to provide all FEI Officials with some key facts/background on the FEI CES, how it works and what this will entail for you as an FEI Official going forward.

The FEI has created a dedicated page on InsideFEI with all the information you need to know relating to the FEI CES -HERE - including a comprehensive set of Frequently Asked Questions. We have summarised the key dates and facts below as well as next steps, but we highly recommend you familiarise yourself with all the procedures on the dedicated page on InsideFEI.

Here are the Key Facts:

  • All Officials will be subject to the FEI CES;
      • Year 1: online assessment on FEI Campus;
      • Three main advantages
      • Provide an opportunity for inactive/retires Officials to re-enter the system
      • Provide a more time/cost effective process.
  • FEI Competency-based Evaluation System (CES) to be introduced in progressive phases with the first phase (2020) based around the knowledge of FEI Rules and Regulations, either through an online assessment or through an in-person maintenance course with assessment. Additionally, each Official will have to personally certify that they are “Fit to officiate” according to the function requirements, and top officials will also be invited to undertake a separate English language proficiency assessment;
  • FEI CES based on a 3-year cycle:
      • Year 1: online assessment on FEI Campus;
      • Year 2: online assessment on FEI Campus; and
      • Year 3: in-person maintenance course with assessment.

Next steps: On 16 December 2019, all Officials will receive a detailed email from the FEI with specific instructions and procedures to follow regarding the FEI CES and assessment requirements for 2020. Note that Officials will be divided into two Groups: 

  • Group A: Officials currently up-to-date with their refresher cycle will be invited to take the online assessment from the 16 December 2019 onwards. Please note that to officiate after 31 March 2020, it will be necessary to have completed the CES online assessment successfully.
  • Group B: Officials who have not done a refresher course since 31 December 2016 will have to take part in an in-person maintenance course with assessment before 15 December 2020. They will be able to officiate normally until that date.

Points to note as mentioned this will affect ALL FEI Officials, some officials currently are on a different refresher rotation.

  • Currently Eventing Stewards are due for a refresher every 5 years this will now fall into line on the 3-year basis
  • Currently all FEI Veterinarians are due for a refresher every 4 years - they will now fall into line on the 3-year basis – The FEI Veterinary department will be releasing specific guidelines for Veterinarians by the end of the year.
  • Currently FEI Endurance TD’s, CD’s and Judges are due for a refresher every 4 years – they will now fall into line on a 3-year basis.

Any Australian FEI Official who would like further information relating to this process is encouraged to contact Amy McGregor [email protected] 

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