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Posted by National Admin on 15/02/2021.

Reminder 31st March Final date to complete Online FEI Competency-Based Evaluation System

REMINDER - Online assessment to be completed by 31st March 2021

The 2021 FEI CES online assessments have been accessible from December 2020.  A reminder to all FEI Officials to make sure you are aware of the requirements needed for you circumstances to continue to officiate.

Group A:

Officials currently up-to-date with their In-Person Maintenance Cycle are invited to take the CES Assessment on FEI Campus from 16 December 2020 to 15 December 2021. Note that to officiate at events taking place after 31 March of each year, Officials must have passed the CES Assessment. 

  • If passed, the function will be extended to 31 March 2022.
  • If not passed, the function will be “On Hold” – not being allowed to officiate - until an In-Person Maintenance Course (CES) is attended before 15 December 2021.
  • If the CES Assessment 2021 is not taken by 15 December 2021, the function will be closed. 
  • Please forward you completion certificate to [email protected] so your profile on the EA National Database can be updated.

Practise the mock exams plenty of times, this will help you familiarise yourself with the wording and style of the questions. The questions in the mock exams are in the real exam.

Have copies of the relevant FEI Discipline Rules, Veterinary Regulations and General Regulations at hand for reference.

For those Officials who in 2020 were in Group A, but have not passed the 2020 online CES component you will now have your function closed until you attend an In-Person Maintenance Course.

Group B:

Officials who have not done an In-Person Maintenance Course since 31 December 2016, have to take part in an In-Person Maintenance Course with assessment before 15 December 2021 and can continue to officiate in their current status until that date.

If an In-Person Maintenance Course with assessment is not attended by 15 December 2021, the function will be closed.

The FEI has created a dedicated page on InsideFEI with all the information you need to know relating to the FEI CES -HERE - including a comprehensive set of Frequently Asked Questions. We have summarised the key dates and facts below as well as next steps, but we highly recommend you familiarise yourself with all the procedures on the dedicated page on InsideFEI.

FEI Courses that had to be postponed for 2020 and upcoming courses for 2021 are slowly being added to the Calendar, which can be found HERE. With COVID-19 restrictions still affecting travel internationally we are working closely with the FEI on how to achieve successful course completion.

Any FEI Official who would like further information relating to this process is encouraged to contact Amy McGregor [email protected]