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Posted by Christine Armishaw on 05/12/2019.

Reminder: FEI rule changes to Enclosures (Yards)

At the November 2018 FEI General Assembly, the following ruling was implemented in relation to Yards. The provisions of Article 1008 II (Enclosures) of the FEI Veterinary Regulations 2019 shall only apply as “best practice” guidelines as of 1 January 2019, however, please note that compliance with these provisions will become mandatory as of 1 January 2020 for FEI Events:

II. Enclosures (also known as ‘yards’)*

7. Enclosures may be provided at FEI Events in exceptional circumstances.

8. Only one Horse should occupy each individual enclosure.

9. Each enclosure must adhere to the following requirements:

  1. a minimum size of 3m x 3m;
  2. solid and safe designed for the safety of the Horse;
  3. adequate electrical points must be available in the vicinity of the enclosures;
  4. adequate shade must be provided;
  5. fire precautions and evacuation plans, including a safe area for evacuation in the incident of any such emergency;
  6. adequate Horse wash down facilities, so that Horses do not wait more than 10 minutes to be washed;
  7. adequate space between rows of enclosures/yards for Horses/Athlete equipment and to allow the safe movement of Horses around the enclosure areas; and
  8. consideration is to be given to the safety of housing stallions in enclosures.

FEI Veterinary Regulations 2019

There are also a number of changes to the Stable security requirements (article IV. in the FEI Veterinary Regulations)

 IV. Stable Security

13.         Stable security as described below is required at all Events, with the following exceptions:

  • Dressage: CDI1*, CDI2*, CDICh, CDI-P, CDI-J, CDI-Y, CDI-YH and CDI3* outside Europe
  • Driving: CAI 1*, CAI 2* and CAI3*
  • Endurance: CEI1* and CEI2*
  • Eventing: CCI*-Intro, CCI2*-S, CCI2*-L, CCI3*-S, CCI3*-L, and CCI4*-S Para Equestrian Dressage: All CPEDI except Championships and Games
  • Reining: CRI 1*, CRI 2*, CRI 3*, CRI-J and CRI-Y Vaulting: CVI 1*, CVI 2*, CVI 3* CVI-Ch and CVI-J 16

14.         All Horses participating in an Event that requires stable security must be stabled within a completely restricted stables area, consisting of the following minimum requirements:

  1. 24 hour security system;
  2. a system to check the entry and exit of all Horses and the accreditation required by all personnel entering the stables; and
  3. a system using a suitable “sign in” sheet to record the entry and exit of persons into the stables outside of stated working hours (e.g. overnight).

15.         The restrictive perimeter around the stable area must prevent the entrance of unauthorised persons and the uncontrolled exit of Horses.

16.         Whenever possible the stables area must include only stables, Testing Boxes and Treatment Boxes; lorries, caravans, and other vehicles must not be permitted within the stables area.

17.         A CCTV system may be deployed by the FEI at some Events.

18.         Athletes and/or NFs are permitted to install and use their own camera monitoring systems within the Event stables area for the sole purpose of monitoring their horse(s), provided that they have submitted their request to the FEI for approval. Any such use of camera monitoring systems must comply with the FEI’s protocol.

19.         Failure of the OC to provide adequate stable security shall not be a defence to any violation brought under the EADCMRs.


For Organing Committees running FEI events, please contact Equestrian Australia (EA); 02) 8762 7777  [email protected] OR EA Head Veterinarian, Dr Kirsten Neil at [email protected]



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