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Posted by Jenny Merity on 02/03/2022.

REMINDER: Helmet Tagging for Jumping now mandatory with the leniency period expired

Helmet Tagging is now mandatory for all EA Affiliated Jumping events from 1 March 2022 with the leniency period now expired.

A reminder to everyone that at all EA Affiliated Jumping events Helmet Tagging is now mandatory. There was a period of leniency in January and February and this period has now expired. 

Keep in touch with your local Jumping Club, State Equestrian Branch, and see EA helmet tagging times and days to find out where you can get your helmet tagged for the 2022 Jumping season.

Please note: Helmet tagging indicates that your helmet meets current EA standards but does not indicate that the helmet has not been damaged or is unsafe.

More information on currently approved safety standards for helmets can be found HERE


Equestrian Australia Jumping Committee

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