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Posted by National Admin on 02/01/2019.

Safety Stats Provide Insight for Riders

The 2018 Safety Statistics are now available and provide some interesting insights for athletes and officials alike.

Key points include:

  • Competitor numbers are up 11% over 2017 and show an increase at every level of competition.
  • Continued deployment of frangible devices across all states.
  • A decline in horse falls as a percentage of starters overall but a marked increase in horse falls at 1m10(1*) over 2017.
  • Falls on the Flat accounted for 20% of horse falls overall – and whilst course design and footing maintenance has a part to play there is no doubt that riding according to conditions could have averted some of the falls.
  • Analysis by EquiRatings’ of data over the last 3 years shows that long format competitions have had a higher rate of horse falls than short format at all star levels and so deserve extra attention to training including horse fitness.

Full statistics are available on the Making Equestrian Safer page HERE.

The NSO function and the supporting data management work is generously supported by the Terry Snow “Making Eventing Safer” fund.

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