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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 18/01/2020.
Andrew Hamilton (pictured)

Statement from the Board - Acting CEO

Equestrian Australia Chair Ricky MacMillan announced that EA General Manager of Business Operations and Integrity, Andrew Hamilton will be Acting CEO. Andrew has brought needed stability to the office and is already developing a good working relationship with the State CEOs and members of EA.

Under Andrew’s leadership, EA will remain dedicated to working with our members and stakeholders to build a safer, inclusive and engaging sport.

Andrew has maintained the functioning of the EA office and is currently working with the EA staff to improve services to members. He has shown enthusiasm and passion for the role and the Board is pleased and excited about the support he has given the organisation over the last few months and the support and leadership he is continuing to give. The Board will prioritize the appointment of a permanent CEO in the near future.

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