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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 17/12/2021.

Steward Generals Appointed

EA has finalised the appointments of the Steward General for the next term. All appointments will see them in the position until after the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

The role of the Steward General is to act as liaison with EA and the relevant FEI Steward General(s) as well as liaise with organisers of international event classes to ensure that correct processes are being followed.


Cathie Drury-Klein continues in her role as the Steward General for Dressage. Cathie is an FEI Level 3 Dressage Steward.

“The EADC is delighted that the Dressage Steward General role will continue in the hands of Cathie Drury-Klein. Under Cathie's stewardship the Steward General role is now involved with the EADOC and we look forward to her continued guidance.” Prue Spurrett Chair EADC


Chris Wallis continues in her role as the Steward General for Eventing. Chris is a FEI Level 3 Eventing Steward as well as a FEI Steward in Jumping, Dressage and Para Dressage. 

“As Chair of the EAEC I would like to congratulate Chris on her continued appointment as Eventing Steward General.” Des Hughes Chair EAEC


Jan Golding has been appointed as the Steward General for Jumping. Jan is a FEI Level 3 Jumping Steward as well as Level 3 Judge.

“As Chair of EAJC I would to offer my sincere thanks to Katrina Dukats for all her time and effort that she has made as Steward General for Jumping, a position she has held for the past 13 years. Many improvements to our sport have been made in Katrina’s time as Steward General. Congratulations to Jan Golding on her appointment as the new Steward General, we look forward to working with Jan.” Graeme Watts Chair EAJC


Sarah Jones continues in her role as the Steward General for Vaulting. Sarah is a FEI Level 3 Vaulting Steward.

" The EAVC are happy to support Sarah Jones in her role of Vaulting Steward General, the committee look forward to continue working with Sarah to educate and develop our sport"  Darryn Fedrick Chair EAVC


Robyn Parnell has been appointed as the Steward General for Endurance. Robyn Is a FEI Level 3 Endurance Steward as well as Level 3 Judge and Technical Delegate.

'On behalf of the EA Endurance Committee I would like to thank our outgoing Steward General Irene Malone for her tireless contribution to our sport and congratulate Robyn Parnell as our newly appointed Steward General. Robyn brings a wealth of experience not only as an Endurance Rider, Organiser and Official but also in her expertise in Education. Robyn is a consummate professional, highly regarded and respected amongst riders and officials. We are very fortunate to have her appointed to this pivotal role to assist in building our current officials accreditations and mentor new Officials over the coming years.'  Sonya Ryan Chair EA Endurance Committee


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