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Posted by National Admin on 20/09/2019.
Photo Courtesy of Amy McGregor

Stewards Enjoy Refresher Seminar with Tokyo 2020 Overall Chief Steward

An FEI Jumping Stewards Refreshing Seminar was held in Melbourne 14th – 15th September.

Nigel King from Hong Kong was the Course Director, ably assisted by Katrina Dukats, Australia FEI Jumping Steward General.

The course was well attended with 16 participants, including a New Zealander from across the ditch.

Nigel has been appointed as Overall Chief Steward at the Tokyo Olympic Games, so he has a busy year ahead. It was great that he could fit us in before it really ramps up.

The FEI Stewards Refresher course reviewed all aspects of stewarding at FEI events, both here and overseas. With Nigel King as the Course Director, who will be in charge of all stewards at the Tokyo Olympics, attendees were all left very much up to date.

"On behalf of all who attended I would like to say thank you to EA for presenting this course, and a particular thank you to Amy McGregor who made all the background arrangements that made the course run so smoothly and pleasantly," said Katrina Duckats, AUS FEI Jumping Chief Steward and Assistant Course Director

Jan Golding, FEI 3* Jumping Steward, shared, “The intensity of showjumping is increasing more and more with high-end breeding, sponsorship rights and global professionalism. So the FEI Jumping Stewards Refresher course was indeed "refreshing" in the context of reminding and motivating us of the general and specific topics that all relate to the underlying principles of the importance of the welfare of the horse and fairplay of the sport.

"In this regard, the stewards' role is to quietly help if needed, to prevent any possible problems and to intervene discreetly only when absolutely necessary.

"By using stories, photos and videos, Nigel introduced many real scenarios from his recent extensive CSI 5* experiences and guided us to the correct conclusions. The two-day course was very constructive and inspiring as well as being a wonderful opportunity to maintain collegiality friendships.”

The discussions were lively and informative and, in the case of the role-playing to illustrate the point, also very funny.  It was a great opportunity to meet old friends from all over Australia. A good weekend all round.

Photo above, Left to right: Peggy Mills, Jan Golding, Anne Garner, Jennifer Smith, Adelyn Fallon, Stuart Platt, Yvonne Morrison, James Kelly, Nigel King Course Director (HKG), Julane Bowen, Katrina Dukats Assistant Course Director, Lyn Roycroft, Simon Barrey, Ray Egarr (NZL), Ian Chalmers, Bronwyn Hew and Arslan Ansari

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