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Posted by Christine Armishaw on 22/05/2020.

Thank You to All Our Wonderful Equestrian Volunteers

It's National Volunteer Week and we want to say a huge Thank You to all our wonderful equestrian volunteers!

Thank you for all the hours, time, effort and commitment you put in, even when it's too hot, really cold, you've done it a million times already or would rather be inside having a cuppa.

Thank you for your dedication, kind words and warm smiles, even when you might have been ready to go home an hour ago.

Thank you for being a horsey mum, horsey dad, supportive sibling or non-horsey friend who stepped up to help out anyway.

Thank you for taking the time to learn, grow and share your knowledge, at the expense of your own time and resources.

Thank you for keeping the cogs turning and wheels in motion, by helping out in any way you can.

Our equestrian community is grateful to you, because without you helping out and playing your part, the show would not go on.

Thank you.

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