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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 18/08/2022.

Update to FEI Eventing Cross Country Guide for Officials

The FEI have advised there has been an update to the Eventing Cross Country Guide For Officials

The Cross Country Design Guide for Officials, to be read in conjunction with the FEI Eventing Rules 2022, has been updated and is available on the FEI Eventing Rules page.

Please take note of the following amendments:  

Ground lines (page 27)

  • An additional ground line is not compulsory for fences with a front leading edge of 50 cm or less  

Base spread measurement (page 15 and 28)

  • Solid ground lines are part of the base spread measurement
  • Soft ground lines (such as mulch or flower) are not included in the  in the base spread in that they are put in front of a fence to help it to jump better   

Fences with ‘slats/boards’ (page 33)

  • Horses can find it hard to read fences of which the visual effect changes as they approach the fence due to the small gaps between the slats/boards through which light comes through from behind. These types of fences are not recommended for use, unless the gaps are obstructed with some material (battens, expansive foam, etc.) to avoid the light effect.

The Cross Country Guide for Officials is the indispensable reference document, and we encourage you to regularly consult it, as it is frequently updated.



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