Sam Griffiths & Paulank Brockagh

Sam Griffiths & Paulank Brockagh

In 1995 Griffiths left Pearcedale (Victoria) to make a career in the UK, starting as a working pupil for dual Olympic gold medallist Matt Ryan. This year Griffiths and  Paulank Brockagh (Brocks) had the competition of their lives, finishing in 1st place after one of the toughest Badmintons ever. This made Brocks the fourth mare in history to win the Badminton title. Brock’s part owner Dinah Posford also had a share in Sam’s 2010 Kentucky World Equestrian Games and London Olympics mount Happy Times. 

Date of Birth: 27th May 1972

Age at Games: 42 

World Equestrian Games

2010 Kentucky (14th in teams event)

Olympic Games

2012 London Olympics (6th in teams event)

Recent performances with Paulank Brockagh

15th Gatcombe Park CIC3* 2014

1st Badminton CCI4* 2014

9th Burnham Market CIC3* 2014

13th Burghley CCI4* 2013

12th Gatcombe Park CIC3* 2013

6th Barbury Castle CIC3* 2013

Paulank Brockagh

11 year old, bay, mare

Owners: Mr & Mrs S Posford, Mrs J Carter & Sam Griffiths

Breed: Irish Sport Horse

Sire: Touchdown

Dam: Calendar Girl