Endurance Horses - EA National Passport or FEI Passport? Which one do I need?

Below is a summary of what is needed to register your Endurance Horse with the FEI:

  • Every horse, rider and trainer wanting to compete in an FEI / CEI event must be registered with the FEI.  Complete the FEI Registration form and pay  the FEI fee per horse, per rider, per rider/trainer or per trainer. This form is available at HERE. This is an annual fee, so please ensure that the rider, trainer and horse are current members.  This information is processed by Equestrian Australia on behalf of the FEI. Please remember you must also be a member of you local EA State Branch. 


  • Please allow a MINIMUM of 4 weeks before your event to complete the passport order process.
  • Riders competing at an FEI level are required to be current financial members of the State EA body and have an EA Membership Number as well as their AERA membership.
  • If the horse is going to compete in Australia it must have a minimum of base registration with the State EA Branch to obtain an EA National or FEI passport.
  • If the horse is going to be exported and will NEVER compete in Australia, the horse may have either AERA, Arabian Horse Society or EA registration. One of these registrations are required.
  • All horses must be microchipped.
  • To complete at FEI level in Australia, horses must have either an EA National Passport or an FEI Passport or FEI Recognition Card (However, if a horse was FEI registered before 2017, they only require FEI registration). You can check your horse's registration date by emailing [email protected] or call on (02) 8762-7777)
  • An EA National Passport allows a horse to compete in CEI1*, CEIYJ1* & CEIYJ2* events. The cost of an EA National Passport is currently $80 for a 4 year registration.
  • An FEI Passport or Recognition Card is required to compete in CEI2* and CEI3* and above events. The cost of an FEI Passport or Recognition Card is $390 for a 4 year period. A horse can apply directly for an FEI Passport, or alternatively, if the horse already has an EA National Passport, they would apply for an FEI Recognition Card.
  • A veterinary identification is required for the initial issue of either an EA National or FEI Passport.
  • To save on costs, when you are arranging your EA Base Horse Registration, order your EA National Passport or FEI Passpont at the same time and in that way you will only need the vet to attend once and complete both documents at the same time. However, until the EA Base Registration is completed, the EA National Passport cannot be processed into the FEI database. 
  • When an FEI Recognition Card is added to an EA National Passport, there is no need for the veterinary identification to be completed again 
  • Any renewal of an EA National Passport, FEI Passport or FEI Recognition Card does not require additional veterinary identification
  • To apply for an EA National Passport or FEI Passport or Recognition Card, click HERE
  • To compete at FEI Endurance Rides, Riders and Horse must also meet the FEI Novice Qualification requirements. To find out more about the Novice Qualification requirements please click on the following link: https://www.equestrian.org.au/news/fei-endurance-novice-qualifications 

If you have questions about this process, please email [email protected] or call on (02) 8762-7777