Equestrian Australia AGM Questions & Answers

1. Why is an AGM required?

The AGM is required for statutory purposes. The agenda includes the following tasks

- Adoption of the Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2020

- Acceptance of the 2019 AGM minutes

- Appointment of an auditor to conduct the 2021 audit

- Voting on 'Special Business Notice of Motion' proposing to amend Rules 4.1 and 5.2 of the Constitution to give Equestrian Northern Territory (ENT) voting status equal to that held by the other states.

2. Who will Chair the meeting?

As EA is not out of the Voluntary Administration process, Korda Mentha will Chair the meeting.

3. Why is ENT seeking to be admitted as a voting member and why should this be allowed?

ENT is a fully functioning, autonomous branch of equestrian sport in Australia. It has a dedicated board, office and membership that participates across multiple equestrian disciplines.

As such, ENT would like to exercise its right to participate in the governance and reform of equestrian sport in the same way as the six states - NSW, Queensland, SA, Tasmania, Victoria and WA.

4. How does the voting now work at EA?

One of the major changes introduced as a result of the Voluntary Administration process was enabling individual members to vote as well as the State branches.

Under the new constitution, the 18,000+ individual members and the six State branches each get one vote.

The voting system is effectively two-tiered for any changes to the Constitution, requiring two rounds of voting. The individuals exercise their vote in Round 1; the State branches exercise their vote in Round 2. For any other voting, only one round is required.

5. What vote is required for the NT motion to succeed?

A two-round process will be required. First it will be put to the individual members, where it will require the support of 75% of the members who vote. If successful, the motion will then go the State branches for their consideration, where it will need the support of 75% of the State branches to succeed.

6. Why should I vote?

This is a critical time for equestrian sport in Australia. Important reforms are taking place and the process will continue to evolve, with critical steps submitted for members’ consideration. The more members become involved and have their say, the more likely the sport is to attract the support and funding required to underpin its success.

This is your chance to have a say in the structure and future direction of your sport.

For this AGM to be effective, a quorum of 5% of the EA membership is required to vote. This equates to approximately 900 members. Put simply, we need your vote to ensure we have a quorum.

Secondly, to enable all members and states/territories to contribute effectively to the sport’s governance and reform process, they all need a seat at the table. Your support to enable ENT to have a vote will contribute to this process.

7. Isn’t a quorum of only 20 voting members usually required?

For usual business a quorum of 20 voting members is sufficient, however the fact that we have a special motion requires 5% of voting members to constitute a quorum. This equates to approximately 900 individual members. For the motion to be successful will require 75% of the

individual voting members to support it – approximately 675 votes – and then a separate vote by the State branches with 75% again in support of the motion, or 5 of the 6 States.

8. Why do we need to have an AGM?

Despite EA being in Voluntary Administration and a new board being appointed in November 2020, there are still certain constitutional and regulatory requirements that can only be met by holding an AGM. These include adoption of the year’s audited financial statements, acceptance of the prior year AGM minutes and appointment of the auditor.

Normally EA would hold its AGM in November but delays in finalising the audited financial statements meant we have had to schedule the meeting in January. The AGM is required by statute to be held by 31 January 2021.

9. How do I participate in the AGM? How do I vote?

To participate you can either (1) register to attend the AGM or (2) you can submit a proxy, which enables your nominated delegate to vote on your behalf.

To participate either way you need to register via this portal by 5pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) now Friday 22nd January (was Friday 15 January) 2021. Portal https://EAreg.verovoting.com.au

Once you register, your membership will be confirmed. You will then be sent a link to the AGM portal where you will be able to

- Review all AGM documents

- Ask questions in advance

- Register your intention to attend the AGM

- Submit a proxy, enabling your nominated delegate to vote on your behalf.

10. What is the timing for this?

We need all registrations and proxies by 5pm AEDT on now Friday 22nd January (was Friday 15 January) 2021. This will give us time to process them ahead of the AGM on Monday 25th January (was Monday 18 January).

11. When is the actual AGM and how do I attend?

The AGM is on Monday 25th January (was Monday 18 January) at 8pm AEDT. To attend you will need to have pre-registered via the portal as described above. You should then have received a link by email which will enable you to access the AGM.

12. What if I can’t attend the AGM?

Should you be unable to attend the meeting, but you still wish to cast a vote, there is a link in the above portal to the proxy form.

13. I am a paid-up member but haven’t received any voting material. Whom can I contact? Please contact us on 02 8762 7777 or [email protected] as soon as possible, with details of your full name, state and membership number.

14. Do I have to be an EA member to attend the meeting?


15. What happens if we don’t get a quorum on Monday 18 January?

The meeting will be held over to the following Monday 25 January at 8pm AEDT. THIS IS NOW THE CASE. If we don’t have a quorum at that meeting, then the meeting will lapse. So not only is your vote important to determine the structure and direction of the sport, but your participation enables EA to meet its constitutional and regulatory requirements.

16. Any more questions about the AGM process? Please email [email protected] with your name, state and membership number and any other questions you have about the AGM process.

Important Update - 19/01/21: The AGM has been adjourned to Monday 25th January. To help answer some of the questions that have arisen as a result of the adjournment please read our Q&A by clicking the button below.

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