How do I become an EA coach?

Firstly, check out our handy Becoming an EA Coach Guide - a .pdf checklist you can download and use to track your progress through the steps!  EA Coach Becoming a Coach Guide 2021-22 - Updated Feb 2022.pdf

Step One:

Download the EA Coach Resource Order Form from our Coach Resources page.

Step Two:

Make sure you meet the pre-requisites for the module(s) you want to purchase.

You can start out with the Introductory Horse Management and Introductory Riding modules.

Send the completed form via Email to [email protected] or post to PO Box 673
Sydney Markets NSW 2129.

Step Three:

Study hard! Familiarise yourself with the content and work required, and complete the assessments.

Step Four:

Contact your State Branch, or use our Coach Search page to find a Skills Specific Trainer and Assessor (SSTA) or Coach Educator (CE) to organise a time to get your assessments signed off. (FAQ: How do I find a SSTA/CE?)

Step Five:

Work with your SSTA/CE to sign off all of the assessment competencies.

Step Six:

Return your completed Assessment Sign-Off Summary page directly via Email to [email protected] or post to PO Box 673 Sydney Markets NSW 2129

Step Seven:

Check that you meet the pre-requsites to start the Introductory Coach module. These are:

If you meet these requirements, then you can purchase the Introductory Coach module using the EA Coach Resource Order Form from our Coach Resources page.

Follow Steps One to Six above to complete your introductory Coach module with a Coach Educator.

Step Eight:

To complete the registration and insurance process, along with  EA Coach_New Registration Form 2021-22.pdf  on our Coach Resources page, send in copies of the following documents:

 - First Aid Certificate - HLTAID003 - Provide First Aid

- Working with Children Check

- ASC Community Coaching Principles Certificate (free to complete online via Ausport)

- Sport Integrity Anti-Doping Fundamentals (formerly ASADA Level 1) Certificate (free to complete online via Sport Integrity elearning)

- Certificate of Currency for Insurance (this is only required if you are not using EA's Registration + Insurance option)

Step Nine:

This process is the same for each level of Horse Management, Riding and Coaching - just repeat the process until you have achieved the level you are aiming for.