EA Officials Re-accreditation Information

Re-accreditation 2022 now OPEN

The re-accreditation cycle from 1 January 2019 to 31 March 2022 is almost finalised, so please start preparing for the process that will ensure you have met the compulsory update requirements for this period that will enable you to re-accredit for the next 3-year period – 1/4/22 to 31/3/25.

If you are ready we ask that you submit you forms and have them to EA by the 31/3/2022. From this date, officials that have not submitted re-accreditation requirements will be removed from the Official search until such time as the criteria has been met.

A list of Courses, Seminars and Workshops from Mid 2019 can be viewed by logging on to MyEA 

  • Login in to MyEA HERE
  • Menu option on left of screen choose Member Details
  • Menu across top choose Activities

If individuals have not met the compulsory requirements due to C-19 pandemic limiting courses and event attendance may have their accreditation extended for a period of time in order to meet the requirements. Please note this at the time of submitting forms.

Dressage Judges 

  EA_Dressage_Judge_Reaccreditation_Form_ 2022-25 _Fill.pdf

G/F/E Dressage Judge ORBT - Contact [email protected]  Young Horse Judge ORBT - Contact [email protected] 
D/C Dressage Judge ORBT - Contact [email protected]  Para Dressage Judge ORBT - Contact [email protected] 
B/A Dressage Judge ORBT Contact [email protected]   

If you have any questions relating to Dressage Judge re-accreditation please contact [email protected] 

Jumping Official


Eventing Officials


EA Eventing Mentor Feedback Form - CD - 2022.pdf

EA Eventing Mentor Feedback Form - TD - 2022.pdf

Show Horse Judges


Driving Officials

EA_Driving_Officials_Reaccreditation_Form_2022 -25_Fill.pdf

Vaulting Officials


Measuring Officials




Para Classifiers


If you have any questions please contact  [email protected]