Report A Concern

Reporting Integrity Issues

Everyone from athletes, parents, support personnel, administrators and supporters play a role in protecting the integrity of our sport.

If you see something, say something!

Equestrian has opted-in to the independent complaints handling process for integrity-related issues run by Sport Integrity Australia.

From Friday 17th December 2021 concerns or complaints about alleged breaches of our National Integrity Framework or anything that constitutes Prohibited Conduct can be reported directly to Sport Integrity Australia.

You can lodge a formal complaint or report a concern through the following avenues:


Completing the form on the 
Sport Integrity Australia website


Call 1300 027 232 to report a concern


Completing the 'report an issue' form in the Sport Integrity Australia App

Complaints can be anonymous if you choose.

Lodging a Complaint

Below are some simple tips to remember when considering lodging a complaint with Sport Integrity Australia.

  • Anyone can make a complaint.
  • Only complaints relating to allege breaches of prohibited conduct under the National Integrity Framework can be submitted to Sport Integrity Australia.
  • Complaints can only be actioned if the person who allegedly committed the behaviour is bound by our sport (i.e. they must have agreed to be bound by the policy via membership or agreement).
  • Complaints relating to selections, governance, personal grievances, or code of conduct are not covered under the National Integrity Framework. Complaints of this nature should be submitted via the relevant Policy process or email [email protected]

To report a breach of an integrity policy, submit directly to Sport Integrity Australia via:

Sport Integrity Australia

Online Webform

Via Phone

For all other complaints, report directly to the National Integrity Complaints Manager [email protected].