Skills recognition process for riders with competition results

Step 1:

Please view the following table HERE to see what competition results are required for each riding level.

Step 2:

Obtain a written endorsement from a Coach Educator stating the level at which you are entering our system.

Collect the required competition results and purchase the relevant EA riding resource book via the Skills Recognition Resource Order Form:  Skills Recognition Resource Order Form 19.pdf

Note: You must submit a written endorsement from a Coach Educator for the level you are purchasing with your Resource Order Form. You must also be a current EA Member, and at least 18 years old. You can only use the Skills Recognition Order Form once per discipline. You will need to purchase the second discipline at the normal rates.

Step 3:

Present the results to an EA Coach Educator- to find a coach educator the Coach search can be used HERE

-        Your coach educator can verify the components already completed and proven by competition results and sign off these assessment tasks accordingly.

-        Work with your CE who will assess you on the gap requirements which are not proven by competition results- for example lunging.

-        Once all assessments have been signed off submit the final assessment slip located in the back of the workbook to the national office to receive a certificate of completion

Step 4:

If you are looking to register as an EA Coach once all assessments have been signed off, please submit the New Coach Registration form, which can be downloaded from the Coach Resources page.

Along with the registration form, you must also provide copies of:

- First Aid Certificate

- Working with Children Check

- ASC Community Coaching General Principles (free to complete online via the Ausport website)

- ASADA Level 1 Anti-Doping Certificate (free to complete online via the ASADA website)

- Insurance Certificate of Currency (only needed if you are using your own insurance and not EA's included insurance option)