Why become an EA accredited coach?

The following is a summary, highlighting some, but not all, of the benefits of being an accredited EA coach:

  • Rewarding career path
  • Helping others achieve their dreams and become the best riders they can be
  • Potential domestic and international travel opportunities
  • Formalised education, coach training & accreditation
  • EA is a member organisation of the FEIIGEQSport Australia & AOC with the needs of EA coaches appropriately represented and met by these groups
  • Alignment with the EA coaching brand, a highly regarded coaching accreditation scheme both internationally and domestically
  • Group negotiation for better insurance opportunities
  • Alignment of equestrian sports through national discipline committees who all work together to achieve joint outcomes - including coaching needs
  • Integrated development pathways for coaches, athletes and officials
  • EA by-laws & policies (e.g. member protection) to support the coaching and wider EA community 
  • Sport Integrity (formerly known as ASADA) compliance and education 
  • A strong, proactive coaching community represented by a national coaching committee

In addition, being a current registered EA accredited coach offers your clients peace of mind that: 

  • your coaching accreditation is of a standard that is recognised internationally (IGEQ)
  • you’re insured
  • you’re accredited in first aid
  • you’re aware of Sport Integrity (formerly known as ASADA) rules and guidelines and
  • you have completed a state based working with children check.