COACHING INSURANCE - Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Based on my EA coach accreditation, what am I insured to coach?

  2. In insurance terms, what is the benefit of achieving a higher level of EA coach accreditation? 

  3. Can I purchase my own coach insurance?

  4. Marsh currently insure equestrian coaches who are not registered with EA. What is the benefit of registering with EA to access the insurance offered by Marsh? 

  5. What are the benefits of EA Coach insurance? What is covered? What are the limits and the excesses? 

  6. If I am insured through the EA insurance scheme, how do I get a copy of my Certificate of Currency (CoC)?

  7. If I am insured through the EA insurance scheme, how do I access my insurance policy documents? 

  8. If I am insured through the EA insurance scheme, am I insured if I coach overseas? 

  9. What should I do if I experience an incident or accident of any sort? 

  10. What is the importance of incident reporting? 

  11. I am involved in other activities besides coaching (starting horses, agistment etc). Can I access additional cover through EA Coach Insurance? 

  12. What is the difference between Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance? 

  13. Is my EA Coach insurance impacted by what I earn? 

  14. I only coach part time. Is my liability any different to a full time coach? 

  15. Are EA Coaches insured when coaching riders via live video? 

  16. I am not an accredited coach, coaching under the supervision of an accredited EA Coach. What insurance cover is available to me? 

  17. If I have started my EA coaching journey and am not yet accredited (or am working towards a higher level of EA coaching accreditation), am I insured?