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Posted by National Admin on 24/07/2018.

Making Eventing Safer Data and Reporting Released

A key part of risk management is having data both to devise programs and to report on subsequent compliance and success.

Thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers including Technical Delegates, Scorers and State Eventing Co-ordinators the required data is reported shortly after the completion of every event.

The Equestrian Australia Making Eventing Safer Fund made possible by Terry Snow has generously supported the National Safety Officer (NSO) function and office support necessary to turn this data into reporting. The report for the first half of 2018 is now available Making Equestrian Safer

Since February this year frangible devices were made compulsory on applicable XC fences for all Equestrian Australia (EA) events. Organising and state eventing committees have worked hard to ensure these have been fitted. 

Officials education in every state, covering more than 100 people, has ensured everyone improves their knowledge and the results of this are showing in the changes to Cross Country courses around Australia.



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