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Posted by Jenny Merity on 14/07/2020.

REMINDER - EA National Rule Review Revision Process underway

A reminder that we have commenced the EA National Rules revision process. If you have any proposed National Discipline Rule changes, these changes need to be submitted to your State Discipline Committee as soon as possible to allow your proposal to be considered and then submitted to the relevant National Discipline Committee by Monday 3rd August to allow sufficient time for these items to be reviewed by the NDC before ratification and publication on the EA website on October 1st 2020.

Each recommended rule change should be submitted to your State Discipline Committee on the form here  EA NDC Agenda Template - National Sport Rules.doc

If you have any questions, please email Jenny Merity [email protected]

EA Rule Reviews – Timeline
As EA look to commence the process to update National Sport Rules effective 1 January 2021, the following simple matrix should help remind all of the timeline/process to reach the three-month review period in October.
Monday 6th July 2020

State Discipline Committees (SDA), State CEO's

REMINDER: Rule change requests and issues raised

Monday 3rd August 2020 SDA, State CEO's

SUBMIT: Agenda items to EA NDC for consideration

TBC - August 2020 EA National Discipline Committee (NDC)

MEET: NDC to revise all agenda items and rules

Within 7-days of NDC Meeting EA Sports Services Officers

REVIEW: Minutes/rule proposals sent out to all SDA/State CEO's for review before changes are sent to the board

TBC - September 2020 EA Board

RATIFY: Rule changes submitted to the Board for ratification

Thursday 1 October 2020 EA Sports Services Officers

PUBLISH: Rule changes published on the EA website for 3 months’ notice before implementation.

Friday 1st January 2021 EA Sports Services Officers

EFFECTIVE: Rules come into effect



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