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Posted by National Admin on 19/08/2020.
Janet is a dearly valued member of the EWA dressage and show horse communities
Photos Courtesy of Equestrian Western Australia


VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH is a regular series on our website. It is a way of highlighting the tireless Equestrian Australia volunteers from across all disciplines, who help keep our sport running smoothly, all over Australia.

This month we say THANK YOU to Janet Reid, of Equestrian Western Australia. Thanks Janet!

Janet is an accredited Dressage, Show Horse and swabbing steward.

Five years ago the Equestrian Western Australia (EWA) Show Horse Committee asked her if she would be interested in stewarding at the EWA Horse of the Year and the other two shows conducted by the committee throughout the year. Janet agreed to fill this role and put a great deal of time familiarising herself with rules and the differences between Dressage and Show Horse.

Janet has spent many years as a valued and respected steward in WA

The competitors have a great deal of respect for Janet. Her manner in dealing with competitors is one of assistance and encouragement.

During the last five years, Janet has trained and mentored other people interested in becoming stewards - EWA now have one more accredited steward and two more who have nearly completed their training. Janet regularly travels to the country in order for them to meet their training requirements.

This year, she was a guest presenter at the EWA Show Horse Seminar. Janet took onboard queries that were raised regarding bits, following these queries up with letters to the appropriate people.

Janet managed the EWA team which competed at the Australasian Horse and Rider Championships in 2015 and 2016, as well as managing the 2019 team.

Janet is a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to assist

"The EWA Show Horse Committee and the competitors value the work that Janet does for our discipline. We appreciate her knowledge and willing assistance and wholeheartedly support this nomination," said Val Mayger, Chair of the EWA Show Horse Committee.

Thank you Janet for being a member of this wonderful army of volunteers that contribute so much to our sport.


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