Volunteer of the Month

VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH is a regular series on our website. It is a way of highlighting the tireless Equestrian Australia volunteers from across all disciplines, who help keep our sport running smoothly, all over Australia.

The volunteers who feature in this series have been nominated by Equestrian Australia's State branches and Discipline Committees. To submit a nomination for Volunteer of the Month email [email protected].


23/03/2021 : Volunteer of the Month Luke Purtill

08/02/2021 : Volunteer of the Month Suzie Williams

16/12/2020 : Volunteer of the Month Tracey Strommer

20/11/2020 : Volunteer of the Month Corien Ridley

20/10/2020 : Volunteer of the Month Leon Hunn

17/09/2020 : Volunteers of the Month the Founders of the Australian Eventing Forum

19/08/2020 : Volunteer of the Month Janet Reid

20/07/2020 : Volunteers of the Month Barb and Geoff Davis

23/06/2020 : Volunteer of the Month Tania Hay

27/05/2020 : Volunteers of the Month Ashley Pryde and Kristy Battista

16/04/2020 : Volunteer of the Month Liane Bolger

25/03/2020 : Volunteer of the Month Karen Rose

31/01/2020 : Volunteer of the Month Tanya Reynolds

17/12/2019 : Volunteer of the Month Leanne Pitcher

25/10/2019 : Volunteer of the Month Carol Simpson

25/10/2019 : Volunteer of the Month Tessa Fairweather

19/09/2019 : Volunteer of the Month Bec Radny

20/08/2019 : Volunteer of the Month Kym Clark

16/07/2019 : Volunteer of the Month Brett Cantle

20/06/2019 : Volunteer of the Month Jackie Lancaster

21/05/2019 : Volunteer of the Month Mitch Fox

18/04/2019 : Volunteer of the Month Marlene Kinder

21/03/2019 : Volunteer of the Month Sean Corr