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Posted by National Admin on 05/02/2020.
Tanya's enthusiasm and energy has been a real boost to the ENT Board
Photo supplied by Equestrian Northern Territory


VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH is a regular series on our website. It is a way of highlighting the tireless Equestrian Australia volunteers from across all disciplines, who help keep our sport running smoothly, all over Australia.

This month we say THANK YOU to Tanya Reynolds, of Equestrian Northern Territory. Thanks Tanya!

Tanya Reynolds came to the horse world a few years ago, when her two daughters became involved in Showing, Jumping and Dressage.

Tanya became involved in the Pony Club and their committee and for the last two years has been a very active member of the ENT Board.

She has grasped the roles of ENT Secretary, using her time to organise correspondence and make sure that vital information is stored and archived.

She has been a fast learner and taken on the role of ENT Rep on the EA Show Horse committee. Tanya has managed to successfully run the ENT HOTY for the last two years, in both 2018 and 2019.

Tanya is enthusiastic and keen to learn. On top of everything else, she has also taken on the organising of the ENT Measuring and Swabbing accreditation.

"Her enthusiasm and energy has been a real boost to the ENT Board," shares ENT Chair, Anne-Marie Cruickshank.

Thank you Tanya for being a member of this wonderful army of volunteers that contribute so much to our sport.


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