Eventing Officials

Eventing Rules & Regulations 

Community Officiating General Principles

This course is the entry point for most National Sporting Organisations (including Equestrian Australia) officiating accreditations. Please follow this link and register with the Australian Sports Commission's learning platform if you would like to start your officiating journey: Click Here

Technical Delegate Resources

The Technical Delegate will approve the technical and administrative arrangements for the conduct of the competition, for the examinations and inspections of horses, for the accommodation of horses and athletes and for the stewarding of the event.

Equestrian Australia TD Checklist.doc
EA Falls report.xls
Fence types Updated 2018.pdf
Open Rule Book Test for Eventing TD-CD.pdf
EA XC guide for TD's & CD's revised Aug 18.pdf
Link to Concussion Protocol documents and templates

Stewards Resources

Eventing Stewards Newsletter January 2018.pdf
Stewards ORBT test - General
2019 Stewards ORBT test - Eventing

Eventing Dressage Judges

Open Rule Book Test for Eventing Dressage judges.pdf

Eventing Dressage Tests

Other Documents

Allowable and Non-Allowable Spurs.pdf
Additional information on the use of bridle, bits & tacks.pdf

Safety Videos for MIM devices

Consussion Protocol Implementation 1 July 2019

Concussion Injury Advice Card Templates and Concussion Email Advice Card Tempates are available HERE.

Upgrading to FEI status

For information on upgrading to FEI status please visit the FEI website 

Share your story ...

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