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World Cup Jumping

The FEI World Cup Jumping Series comprises of 13 leagues across all continents. The top placed rider from each series is invited to attend the World Cup Jumping final.


FEI World Cup Jumping Rules 2019/2020 Season

Australian World Cup Jumping Rules 2019

The Australian World Cup 2019/2020 Season

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Event Information

Event Results

Caboolture (QLD) 27 July 2019 Event Info Results 
Gatton (QLD)  4 August 2019 Event Info Results 
Waratah Show Sydney (NSW) 24 August 2019 Event Info Results 
Adelaide Royal Show (SA) 5 September 2019 Event Info Results  
Melbourne Royal Show (VIC)   29 September 2019 Event Info Results  
Tamworth (NSW)  12 October 2019 Event Info  Results
Adelaide / AUS3DE (SA) 17 November 2019 Event Info  Results
Sale (VIC) 23 November 2019   Results 
Sydney Summer Classic (NSW) 7 December 2019 Event Info  Results 
Boneo (VIC)  26 January 2020 Event Info  Results 
Boneo (VIC) 2 February 2020  Event Info  Results 

2019/2020 Leader Board

Rider Rankings - WCQ Results 2019/20 HERE
Horse Rankings -  Golden Grand 2019/20 Horse Rankings After R11.pdf

Entry System

The FEI have created an online IT platform to host all information regarding all FEI events and this system will host all schedule information and become the platform for all entries and results for each FEI show jumping classes and as of the 1st July 2013 all FEI World Cup Show Jumping Events MUST use this system. It is suggested that all riders who wish to compete in a FEI World Cup Competition make their nomination known to the Organising Committee 14-10 days before the event. Please note that this nomination can be cancelled before the start of the class if the combination has informed the OC of this decision.

The OCs can still accept nominations and payment for these entries by their preferred method as no payment is taken by EA or the FEI these entries. Therefore please note that when you are planning your FEI World Cup competitions for the 2017 season and beyond you are now required to nominate your entries to the OC 14 days before the event. Please note if competing in an FEI Show Jumping Class then the rider and horse MUST be FEI registered, and the horse MUST have an FEI Passport or Recognition Card otherwise their entry will not be accepted by the FEI and will not compete in the class. 

World Cup Jumping Committee

For more information on the committee please click HERE

Read the latest News from the World Cup Jumping Committee HERE

Forms and documents

Application to Hold WC Event in 2020
FEI Schedule Template  2020 Jumping draft schedule.docx
Schedule Reference Document 2019 Jumping draft schedule - REFERENCE DOCUMENT_0.pdf
Event Organisers checklist  Check list for Australian World Cup Shows.doc
Result template  FEI WC Jumping Results Template.xlsx 
FEI Online Entry System Booklet  FEI Online Entry System-Final handbook.pdf

The Australian World Cup 2018/19 Results

FEI Jumping World Cup™ Standings - Australian League 2018/19 click HERE

For all information relating to the event please click on the event details button



Event Results

Caboolture (QLD)  28 July 2018 Results
Gatton (QLD)  4-5 Aug 2018 Results 
Adelaide Royal Show (SA) 6 Sept 2018 Results  
Melbourne Royal Show (VIC)   25 Sept 2018  Results
Tamworth (NSW)  6 Oct 2018 Results 
Adelaide / AUS3DE (SA) 15-18 Nov Results 
Sale (VIC) 25 Nov 2018 Results 
Sydney (NSW) 6 Dec 2018 Results 
Boneo (VIC)  27 Jan 2019  Results
Sale (VIC) 3 Feb 2019  Results

Results archive

2018  Athlete Rankings 18.pdf  Horse Rankings 18.pdf
2017  Rider_Ranking.pdf  Horse_Ranking.pdf
2016  Rider_Rankings.pdf  Horse_Rankings.pdf
2015  Rider Rankings.pdf  Golden Grand.pdf
2014 2014 WC Rider Rankings.pdf 2014 Golden Grand rankings.pdf
2013 2013 WC Rider rankings.pdf 2013 Golden Grand rankings.pdf
2012 2012 WC Rider rankings.pdf 2012 Golden Grand rankings.pdf
2011 2011 WC Rider rankings.pdf 2011 Golden Grand rankings.pdf
2010 2010 WC Rider rankings.pdf 2010 Golden Grand rankings.pdf

Header photo Chris Chugg and 'PSS Levilensky' - Credit Stephen Mowbray Photography