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EA NCAS Coach Accreditation

EA Coach Courses accredited with NCAS
NCAS stands for National Coaching Accreditation Scheme and was started in 1980 by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).  NCAS is not specific to equestrian, there are nearly 100 Sports registered with the NCAS program. 
Entry level is Introductory which is aimed at coaches who want to specialise in coaching beginners.  Level 3 is the highest standard of accreditation - and is for coaches who work in the high performance areas and/or coach elite riders.  

At present Equestrian Australia offers coach accreditation in:

General, Dressage, Eventing, Jumping, Vaulting and Carriage Driving

Below is an overview of the EA Coach Accreditation framework (click on each for Course Outline) 
Level Three
Level Two
Carriage Driving
Level One
(Show Horse)
Candidates wishing to become an EA accredited Coach must complete the 3 stand alone certificates (units of study) before being registered with EA and the Australian Sports Commission as an accredited coach.
Those units are:

1. Riding/Driving  2. Horse Management  3. Coaching

The reasoning for completion of the horse management and riding certificates prior to commencing the coaching unit is that the practical skills/knowledge gained in the Riding and Horse Management courses provide the underpinning knowledge that a coach would be aiming to teach/convey/pass on to their students.
Introductory Coach Course:
Is designed to provide the candidate with essential skills and knowledge to offer basic equestrian coaching in a safe and nurturing environment. This course is the fundamental course underpinning all equestrian coaching courses.
  +     +     +      
Level 1 Coach Course:           
The course builds on the knowledge and skills covered in the Introductory course. The course provides the coach with the knowledge to teach and develop a learner’s skills to participate within equestrian sports, at competition entry levels across, Dressage, Jumping, Eventing. Also available are Carriage Driving and Vaulting.
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Australian Sports Commission Online Coaching Course
The Beginning Coaching General Principles course has been developed to help coaches improve their basic coaching skills, particularly those coaches working with children.
A major benefit of the online course is that coaches can complete it in their own time. Thanks to a subsidy from the Australian Sports Commission, the online course is initially available free of charge to Australian coaches.
The course contains five training modules that cover a range of general coaching topics, including:
  • the role and responsibilities expected of a coach
  • planning
  • safety
  • working with parents
  • communication
  • group management
  • inclusive coaching practices

The course takes approximately six hours to complete, and there is an assessment included at the end of each module.

The Beginning Coaching General Principles course provides the first step toward accreditation with Equestrian Australia as a coach. The online course can also be used as part of the training for coaches in the Australian Sports Commission's Active After School Communities program.

The Beginning Coaching General Principles course is available from the Australians Sports Commissions online learning portal learning.ausport.gov.au.


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