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Review of Equestrian Australia's NCAS program launched

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The coaching framework for Equestrian Australia (EA) is set to have a major overhaul as part of an independent review launched by EA.

EA recognises the excellent work being done by coaches around the country at all levels – from teaching children to ride through to preparing our elite athletes for international competition.

The purpose of the EA education system for coaches is to provide coaches with the training and support that they need to provide the highest quality experience for riders.

The science and art of coaching is continually evolving, the needs and preferences of riders change and the equine sector itself changes.  As such, coaching resources and the coaching system must be reviewed frequently.

In partnership with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), EA is undertaking a review into the EA education / training pathway for coaches.  As the custodian of the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS), the ASC is involved to provide broad expertise in the coaching field, bring experience and best practice from other sports and to provide an independent voice.

A panel has been set up to oversee the review, chaired by the ASC.  The first phase of the review is to seek input from interested persons.  The intent is to capture views from any person involved in coaching – NCAS accredited and not accredited, coaches with other qualifications, coaches with no qualifications, trainees, coach educators / SSTA.  Views from ‘the other side’ are also being sought: riders and members of the public looking to learn to ride.

The clear objective is to improve the system so that it provides the best support for anyone coaching and ultimately to ensure that riders receive the highest possible standard of coaching.

A survey developed by EA and the ASC to capture views from as many as possible interested persons.  It will take about 10 minutes to complete and will provide invaluable data for the review.

The panel, working with key stakeholders, will use this information to make any necessary changes to the coaching system.


23rd October 2013

The national structure for coaching in EA has not been reviewed since 2004 and in accordance with Australian Sports Commission (ASC) best practice procedures, sports should look to review their reaccreditation and education system every five years.

EA Chairman Dr Warwick Vale said the review was long overdue and was flagged as part of the EA Participation Plan for 2010-2014.

“The Board saw the need to review current systems within our coaching education program in order to improve coaching accreditation processes, attract new coaches as well as provide further value to all involved in our education system.

“The review panel and process is acting with an independent perspective but will be actively and purposefully seeking input from the EA NCAS Committee, coaches, members and all other sport stakeholders. The expected outcome on this review will be to provide recommendations back to the NCAS Committee and EA Board for implementation.

“EA welcomes the support of the Australian Sports Commission in facilitating the review. Within the next one to two months, EA members will have the opportunity to participate in the review through online surveys and direct submissions.

“We anticipate the review to take six months to complete at which time the Board will carefully consider the recommendations presented,” he said.

For full terms of reference – click here.                                                   

The panel for the review is made up of:

  • Kevin Thompson, Chair, Australian Sports Commission
  • Ashley Synnott, Independent Representative, Australian Sports Commission
  • Des Hughes – Board Representative, Equestrian Australia
  • Ben Harris, National Education Manager, Equestrian Australia
  • Gina Haddad, Coaching Representative, EA registered coach
  • Carolyn James, Coaching Representative, EA registered coach

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