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Sammi McLeod

Family Name McLeod
Given Name Sammi
Discipline Eventing
Date of Birth 01-Aug-77
Gender Female
Place of Birth Maitland, NSW
Status Single
Home State NSW
Hobbies Cycling, Movies
Employment Rider
Current Horse Enchanted
Horses Details 1994 chestnut mare
Career Highlights • 2004 Badminton CCI*** - 16th
• 2004 Albury CIC*** - 1st
• 2003 Adelaide CCI**** - 3rd
• 2002 WEG Jerez - 15th in Individual classification
• 2000 - Lochinvar CCI*** - 5th and 6th
• 1999 Adelaide CCI*** - 4th
• 1999 Badminton CCI**** - 7th
• Selected on Long List for World Equestrian Games 1998
• 1998 Lochinvar *** - 3rd
• 1997 Australian Trans Tasman team
• 1996 Won the World Young rider rankings
• 1996 Lochinvar*** - 3rd
• 1996 Werribee*** - 2nd
Favourite Food Ice cream, Pasta
Favourite Movie(s) Dirty Dancing
Favourite Music Most types
Pre-competition Routine Stress, eat and concentrate
Most Embarrassing Situation Doing a really bad dressage and then falling off
Best advice you have received Forget about everyone else and just ride
Advice for aspiring riders As above
Who would you most like to meet Pat Rafter
Most Admired Sportsperson Oarsome Foursome
Superstitions Wearing brand new gear at a competition
If you won 1 million dollars what would you do Buy my own house and travel the world
Have you won any major sporting awards
World Young Rider of the Year 1996
Where did you grow up Lochinvar, NSW
What age did you start riding 7 years old
How did you get into Equestrian Started riding because my sister was riding
Ambitions To compete at my best / After riding to make some money
What is the worst thing to happen to you in your career Going to England for 3 months then missing out on the World Games team 1998
What is the funniest thing that has happened to you in sport Nothing yet
What will you do after you retire Fishing


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