Equestrian Australia Jumping Dual Crown Leaderboard

Updated the 07/11/2016


Rider Points
1 Andrew Lamb 13
2 Clint Beresford 10
2 Jamie Kermond 10
4 Robert Goodwin 9
5 Stuart Jenkins 8
6 James Arkins 7
6 Olivia Hamood 7
8 Nicole Bruggemann 6
9 Maddison Stephen 5
10 Allyson Lamb 4
10 Vicki Roycroft 4
12 Jono Berry 3
13 Emily Riley 2
14 Savanna Hopkinson 1

Australian ShowJumping Championships : 

Rank Rider Points
1st Jamie Kermond 10 pts
2nd Andrew Lamb 8 pts
3rd Olivia Hamood pts
4th Robert Goodwin pts
5th Maddison Stephen pts
6th Vicki Roycroft pts
7th Jono Berry pts
8th Emily Riley pts
9th Savanna Hopkinson pt

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Adelaide World Cup class :

Rank Rider Points
1st Clint Beresford 10 pts
2nd Clint Beresford disregarded*
3rd Stuart Jenkins 8 pts
4th James Arkins 7 pts
5th Nicole Bruggeman 6 pts
6th Andrew Lamb 5 pts
7th Kristy Bruhn 4 pts
8th James Arkins disregarded*
9th  Ally Lamb 3 pts
10th Robert Goodwin 2 pts

* Any second horses ridden and finishing in a lower position will be disregarded and have no points allocated. Lower placed riders will move up accordingly.

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photo credit Stephen Mowbray