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Posted by National Admin on 06/07/2017.
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NCAS Coaching Review Update - Working Parties Selection

The following people were selected to be involved with the working parties for the content review phase.  The working parties will now assist with the facilitation of the content review to gain further information from the community, collate feedback and provide recommendations to EA. This process will take the next 5 months and information regarding consultation processes will be communicated electronically over the next few weeks.



Virginia Creed
Mark Dobson
Nicole Tough
Wendy Cramp
Gill Botten
Robert Stewart
Darlene Svamvur
Laura Castineyras
Michelle Strapp
Becky Jenkins
Colleen Brook



Sandy Lucas
Belinda Bailey
Sue Leslie
Megan Jones
Carlene Barton
With assistance from Roger Cane (NSO)
Denise Piggott
Nina Fritzell
Anna Betts
Lyn Lynch
Sarah Hocking
Sarah Venamore

Recreational Coach

Glen Gough
Merindah Thomson
Edwina Boase-Stratford
Camilla Mowbray
Andrew Kelly
Lucia Okumura

Important date:

Coach Educator/SSTA update - Queensland: from 11th – 13th July 2017

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