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Posted by National Admin on 09/11/2017.

Update to the Measuring Steward Workbook

Following a review by the Branch Chief Measurers, the Measuring Steward Workbook has been updated.  This is in part due to the 1.1.18 Sporting rule changes covering both Show Horse and Dressage, in particular Yellow Warning Cards.

Yellow Warning Card issue has been incorporated into the syllabus as Measuring Stewards attending the update clinics from November 2017 will have the authority to issue a Yellow Warning Card for serious infringements involving the Abuse of a Horse or Official, or failure to follow a direction.

Following numerous status extensions whilst waiting for the new syllabus, all Measurers currently have an expiry date set to 31/3/18. Attendance at an EA State Measuring Steward Refresher course will be required prior to this date in order to be maintained on current lists. Please check the Officials Calendar for further course information.

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