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FAQs for EA Coaches Regarding the Impact of COVID-19

Please see below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) surrounding EA Coaching and COVID-19 at this time. These FAQs are being updated regularly as new information becomes available but we recommend reviewing this information inline with information available from the Australian Government - your relevant State/Territory Authority. 

This is a fluid and constantly changing situation and the health and welfare of our community is the highest priority. 

1. Are there any government restrictions preventing a coach from teaching?

2. Are there options for remote coaching? 

3. How is COVID-19 impacting medical response times? 

4. Where can I obtain information on the most up-to-date government regulations? 

5. Will the EA insurance program provide insurance cover for riding or coaching during COVID-19?

6. I’m not insured through EA and my current insurer is unable to provide me with terms. Can I insure through the EA program?

7. Does my coach insurance provide cover for any lost revenue or income?

8. What financial assistance may be available to me as a coach?

9. Who can I contact about help for my business?

10. Annual Coach registration is due 1 July 2020. My first Aid Certificate / Working with Children Check is due for renewal, will I be able to renew?

11. Annual Coach registration is due 1 July 2020.  I am required to attend a Coach Update / CE/SSTA Update before I can register, will I be able to renew?

12. I have not been a current registered EA coach for over 12 months and am considered to be ‘lapsed’. I would like to renew my EA coach registration but I can’t complete a Coach Familiarisation. Can I re-register?

13. Annual Coach registration is due 1 July 2020. I am concerned that I will not be able to afford to renew during the 2020/2021 period. What are my options?

14. Will insurance be reduced in price next year?