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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 03/06/2022.

2022 EA National Jumping Rules Update effective 1 July 2022

Amendments to the EA National Jumping Rules have been made effective 1st July 2022, following approval by the EA Board.

The changes will allow piping of any colour on the jacket in National Classes can be found HERE and are shown below:

  • Article 256 – Dress, Protective Headgear, Artificial Aids and Salute

    1.5. Athletes are required to wear the uniform or dress approved by their National Federation, a jacket, white or light fawn breeches, black or brown boots. Other dark coloured boots may be approved at the discretion of the FEI (EA: discretion of EA); boots may have one contrasting colour only, around the top, heel and/or toe. Boots must have a heel. Shirts may have long or short sleeves and must have a predominately white collar; long-sleeved shirts must have white cuffs. A white tie or choker (EA: ratcatcher) must be worn. Competition jackets may be any colour and must have outward facing buttons. If the jacket has a collar it must be a lapel collar which may be the same colour as the jacket or a different colour. Piping of any colour is allowed around the collar only. (EA: Piping of any colour is allowed on the jacket (not just on the collar). Jackets without a collar are allowed providing the shirt collar and tie are visible when the jacket is closed. If a jacket is not worn (refer to Art. 256.1.3 for exceptions due to weather), shirts must have sleeves; either short or long sleeves are permitted.

The updated versions (Clean and Marked) of the EA National Jumping Rules effective 1st July 2022 will be put on the EA website shortly.

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