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Posted by Christine Armishaw on 16/11/2021.

Equestrian Australia Strategy Review and Reform Process Update

As we approach the finish line for what’s been a busy and exciting Olympic year, I wanted to update you on the progress of the EA strategy review and reform process.

As you know, refreshing our strategy and reforming the structure of the sport to enable efficient and effective delivery of our strategy is a core priority for the EA Board and our CEO Darren Gocher.

A critical step in this work is consulting far and wide, to make sure we’re tapping the knowledge and perspectives that sit among the very people that make equestrian sport tick. This includes our members, the state bodies and national committees, as well as our athletes, coaches, officials and government stakeholders.

I’m pleased to say we’ve made a good start in that respect, and from here we’re moving to a more structured approach. This includes convening the EA Strategic Forum on 29 November 2021 where the EA Board and staff will meet with the Presidents and CEOs of the State and Territory branches, and the Chairs of the EA National Discipline Committees, EA Coaching Committee, EA National Safety Committee and the EA High Performance and Para-equestrian panels to discuss key strategic themes and frame the way forward.

Following this, we’ll invite feedback from members of the equestrian community via public survey – input that will be vital in shaping the future of our sport. We hope for a high level of engagement, as refining our strategy to encompass the needs of all stakeholders, from grassroots and across the sport, will enable us to best serve everyone involved in the equestrian community.

Another important ‘input’ will involve the formation of a Steering Group to help guide the process around the structural review. The Steering Group will include representatives of each of the key stakeholders including EA, the branches and national committees as well as Sport Australia.

As a Board, we’ll evaluate the outputs and proposed initiatives resulting from all of the engagement outlined above in the context of our operating budget and organisational and governance structures, and come back to our members and stakeholders with a clear plan for implementation. This will take into account the resources, capabilities and strategy we’ll need to ensure we create a strong and sustainable sport for the long term.

Given the challenges equestrian sport has faced in recent years, it’s critical that we get the reform process right. That means pushing ahead with a sense of urgency, without rushing into decisions or actions for the sake of expediency. It also means all parties will need to work together, for the collective good.

We’ll outline the milestones and timelines for the process and the role of the Steering Group at the Strategic Forum later this month. The upcoming AGM will present another opportunity to provide an update to members on how things are tracking.

In the meantime, on behalf of the Board, I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge the support we’ve seen for the process so far, and to encourage you to bring forward your views and insights so, as a sport, we benefit from the collective wisdom and experience that resides within our ranks.

I look forward to staying in touch as we keep working through the process, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Mark Bradley -  EA Chair

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