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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 13/12/2015.
Jo Formosa wins the Freestyle Grade IB
Julie Wilson

Freestyle day for the Para-equestrian riders in the 2015 Saddleworld Dressage festival

In the Para-equestrian Grade IB Freestyle, Paralympic London 2012 rider Jo Formosa took first place with her very new mount GB Winchester scoring 66.833%.

Charlotte Hoonhout placed second with a new music for her routine scored 66% and was very happy with the way it went: “We always love the freestyle because of the music. We both go “Yeah!” when it starts. But in the past the judges didn’t always like our choice of music. Amarante is quite a small cutie mare and they would have preferred softer music for her. I did the same routine but with new music, a sort of Jazz swing music. I gave Rosie a little bit of time to get used to it and she seems to like it well enough and I like it well enough and the judges today seemed to think it suites her obviously. The French judge gave me quite high scores, above what the Australian judges gave me and that’s really good because you’re always looking at your international judge, especially when coming from Europe because most of the best Para’ are over there. It’s always positive to see the remarks. The comments have been consistent in terms of what they are asking “more of”: more up-hill, a little more consistency in the contact but that is just me… sometimes I think “hands please do this” and occasionally they won’t so … Onwards and upwards. So it’s going well but we still have time before Boneo anyway.”

Emma Booth concluded a perfect weekend by winning the Grade II Freestyle with over 67% that gives her the first qualification score. Elizabeth Skinner & Freedom Spyda finished second with 66.500% and Rosemary Cole & Spirit of Scooterbar third with 61.333%.

In the Para-equestrian Grade III, scores went really high. Sharon Jarvis & Ceasy win the Freestyle with the very good score of 73.833%. Sharon has performed well all weekend and is happy with her 8-year-old KWPN mare. Katie Umback & Gronskoulunds Marquis finished second with 71.583% : “I am really pleased. I was on time which was really good! Usually I’m in front of time or behind time. He was a little bit attentive to pot plants and people but he held it together for me so very happy with him. I wanted a clean test today. It’s done! I am glad it’s over!” Chelsea Higgins & Revelwood Contiki B finished third with 70.833%: “It went great. I was really happy with her! It was her second freestyle ever and she just handles the situation and the environment very well. She is getting better every time and she is still young so it is the only thing I can expect from her.

In the Para-equestrian Grade IV Freestyle,Ali Foye & Westminister GP presented a good chorography took the win with 70%. Caitlin Radford & Callum Park Starbucks second with 66.417% and Nicole Blanks & Rangemore Mikardo third with 64.583%.

Para-equestrian Grade IB Freestyle

  1. Joann Formosa & GB Winchester with 66.833%
  2. Charlotte Hoonhout & Amarante with 66%

Para-equestrian Grade II Freestyle

  1. Emma Booth & Hollands Bend Santana with 67.250%
  2. Elizabeth Skinner & Freedom Spyda with 66.500%
  3. Rosemary Cole & Spirit of Scooterbar with 61.333%

Para-equestrian Grade III Freestyle

  1. Sharon Jarvis & Ceasy with 73.833%
  2. Katie Umback & Gronskoulunds Marquis with 71.583%
  3. Chelsea Higgins & Revelwood Contiki B with 70.833%

Para-equestrian Grade IV Freestyle

  1. Ali Foye & Westminister GP with 70%
  2. Caitlin Radford & Callum Park Starbucks with 66.417%
  3. Nicole Blanks & Rangemore Mikardo with 64.583%

Kick off Day 1 and Para Team Test

Para-equestrian Individual Test

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