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Posted by National Admin on 19/10/2017.

NEW EA Carriage Driving Committee initiative - EACDC Funding Grant

The EA Carriage Driving Committee (EACDC) has developed an exciting new initiative to support and strengthen the growth of driving in Australia. 

The EACDC is inviting all clubs that meet the eligibility requirements to apply for financial assistance to further encourage more driving events, courses and official education programs.

The funding has been sourced directly from the EACDC themselves, who have used their committee budget to create this fund.

"The EA Carriage Driving Committee was delighted to receive funds from EA this year. The Committee has decided to forego holding face-to-face meetings and is instead channelling the allocated funds towards assisting clubs to further the sport of horse driving trials." said Dot Willcoxson, Chair of the EACDC.

Applications close COB 17 November 2017 and must be submitted electronically to Equestrian Australia, Committee Liaison Manager, Kirsty Pasto, [email protected]


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