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Posted by Australian Chef for CVI Krumke 2017 Kerri Wilson on 17/08/2017.

POSTCARD Strong Australian presence in European Krumke CVI

Nine Australian vaulters took part in the Krumke CVI (International Vaulting Competition), in Germany from 28 June – 2 July 2017. Five junior representatives: Jamie Haste, Erin Ryan, Claire Stevens, Isabella Napthali & Bronagh Miskelly and four senior representatives: Jamie Hocking, Morgan Spary, Emma Moulds and Ruth Skzypeck. Chef Kerri Wilson shares their experience with us ...

"A very excited group of junior Aussie vaulters arrived in the very small village of Krumke, Germany. We received a warm welcome from the organising committee of CVI Krumke, headed up by Marion Schulz.

Our five Aussie juniors, Jamie Haste, Erin Ryan, Claire Stevens, Isabella Napthali, Bronagh Miskelly, and coach Lani Maher joined the Haus Getter team, Munster, Germany, including Sarah Kay, Philipp Stippel and Anna Low and our two lungers Dina Menke and Maren Sundermeier. Lani is currently residing in Munster and working as a vaulting coach at team Haus Getter.

We prepared the stables for our four horses, World Wide 6, Campari, Sir Valentin and Floresco who had travelled well for more than 400kms from Munster to Krumke. The stables were large and well equipped with automatic water outlets and feed bins. Hay and straw bedding was provided in bulk for use by competitors.

We worked with the Germans to provide the best care for our horses including walking, feeding, cleaning stables, grooming and preparing for competition. It was a great opportunity to work with such a well-oiled machine and with good German efficiency. The horses were walked in hand for 30 minutes then bedded down and stables locked for security overnight. We were instructed to leave the horse’s breakfasts at their stable doors and a volunteer was responsible for distributing breakfast to all horses at the same time the next morning. A great idea so that some horses were not left anxiously waiting for their human friends to arrive!

Thursday was trot up day. We watched as a large team of helpers prepared the arena, table settings, arena surrounds, decorations, arena raked and gallery seats cleaned. It looked amazing ! All horses were diligently prepared for the vet check, 69 horses in total. Horses of all sizes and colours but the majority were big strong and shiny warmbloods.

The rain did not dampen the spirits as the horses were warmed up in their rain coats. The starting order for the vet check was posted early and with a lot of very efficient marshalling, the process took place in style in the competition arena and all on time. All but one horse was passed successfully. The starters were declared at the office including starting order for horses with multiple vaulters.

The Chef’s meeting was quite a formal occasion with drinks and nibbles supplied. The meeting was conducted by Patrick, the head scorer, and attended by chef’s from each country and two of the judges, John Eccles and Helma Schwarzmann. The starters and horses were confirmed for each class for the entire competition. Some last-minute horse changes were made that created some hassle and necessitated a redraw for some classes. This exemplifies the need to declare starters and orders one hour prior to the chef’s meeting so that the draw can be prepared correctly. It is important to have sufficient spaces between multiple horses being lunged by one lunger and an order of starters so that music and score sheets can be organised properly. We were very proud to have a record number of 9 Australian individual vaulters and I was able to text to them immediately so all competitors were aware of the start order. This was also posted at the competition site within the hour.

Wrist bands were distributed to identify the entry to stables and to the viewing gallery. This was strictly policed throughout the competition. Competition numbers were distributed and all fees were paid. Labelled Music in the form of CDs and Flash drives were left at the announcer’s desk. It was necessary for us to inform the announcer in the politest possible way that AUS was Australia, not Austria.

It was another wet day for the Friday, first day of competition. Horses and grooms in wet weather gear, horses ridden in very flooded arenas and walked and walked to prepare them for the day. Everyone did their best job and helped where they could.

A second covered arena was provided for lungeing warm up and again this was strictly and efficiently marshalled. The horses went from there to competition arena with one warm up circle and vaulter, lunger, groom and coach only admitted at this point.

The competition was kept very much to time with vaulters ready on the bell and judging and scores moved quickly from the computers on each desk to posting on screens within 10 minutes of event. 

The atmosphere was electric and the competition was great as the best of the best German vaulters were competing for their opportunity to start at the European championships.

We were lucky to have Glenn Haste there with his wonderful camera and skills and captured the entire competition including great photos for every Aussie vaulter.

The Krumke vaulting team had a large number of helpers as security guards at the stables and gallery entrances, providing food and many volunteer jobs throughout the weekend. Everyone was very welcoming and providing great support!

Our three juniors Jamie, Claire and Erin competed brilliantly in CVI Junior 1* and performed at their personal best, guided by their coach Lani Maher. Our German horses and lungers were foot perfect. We were feeling very lucky to be on this team.

Jamie Haste had the opportunity to compete in the second round with an even better performance and achieved a very commendable third place.

Our next day of competition saw some great vaulting from all vaulters but particularly our Aussies. Bella and Bronagh competing in the CVI Children’s 1* compulsories then later freestyle with an amazing result with Bella winning the gold medal with an outstanding freestyle performance. Bronagh placed 4th in freestyle and 6th overall, again a stunning performance.

It was a very successful competition especially for the Australian vaulters with Jamie Hocking achieving a qualifying score for WEG on his horse French Kiss. We were delighted about the success our five juniors enjoyed at what was their first international individual event. Also, our more experienced Aussie vaulters Morgan Spary, Emma Moulds and Ruth Skzypeck all competing on borrowed horses and representing our country with great pride and dignity as did all our vaulters. These more seasoned vaulters were there every step of the way for our juniors. Their encouragement and support made the experience a lot less daunting for our young ones as they had so much love and support around them. Unfortunately, Emma did not get to complete her final freestyle round as her horse sustained an injury. We are so proud of all our Aussie vaulters and the cheering was loud and encouraging.

The presentation was professionally conducted with all vaulters running in. Australia presented the second biggest team after Germany. Winners were invited to the podium and presented with awards and prizes and all vaulters were given a plaque and participation rosette. It was a proud moment when the Australian National Anthem, both verses, was played to honour Bella’s win.

Competition numbers were returned, score sheets collected and thanks and group photos all round. Stables cleaned, gear packed, horses prepared for the long journey home.

Many friends and fond memories were made. It was a great opportunity for all of us to learn a lot and enjoy being part of a well organised and welcoming European CVI."

Australian Chef for CVI Krumke 2017 Kerri Wilson 

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