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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 13/12/2015.

A successful weekend for Rio hopeful Emma Booth on her #RoadtoRio

We have met one of our Rio hopefuls, Emma Booth, 23 years old but a very determined and mature young woman that is following a straight road towards a Paralympic dream ....

This weekend’s achievements

This weekend at the 2015 Saddleworld Dressage Festival went really well! In my first test, Thursday, we got 66%.  My horse Hollands Bend Santana (Oldenburg was very responsive, listening to me, focused and just felt very good so I was really pleased. Friday, for the Individual Test, we had a very windy afternoon here at Werribee so he was a little bit tenser but we still managed to come first with 64%. So I was really happy as well. He has been really good this weekend.

A recent mount

I purchased this horse from John Thomson earlier this year, probably in June but he stayed at John’s place for a few month while my property was still getting finished with the fences and arenas so I have only been in full work with him for about three or four months and in that time we have been improving each time we come out and compete so it’s good.

Emma’s #RoadtoRio

For the moment I am trying to keep everything the same: keeping my training as it is going, getting weekly lessons, continuing my own training program, Pilates, physio and everything and basically just getting out and about as much as we can to other events, not just the selection events, to keep my horse out and in work, happy and healthy.

An amazing thought …

I would feel pretty amazing being in Rio, a bit of an unreal thought …. I don’t think we can imagine what it would be like but just the thought itself is very exciting. 

Good luck to Emma in the Freestyle today !


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