Dressage Rules & Regulations

Current rules:

National Dressage rules changed on 1 January 2017.

EA National Dressage Rules

See marked version here.

FEI Dressage Rules 


Dressage _Equipment_Annex_Version14.pdf



Yellow Cards



Dressage Tests

2014 EA Dressage tests with explanatory notes.pdf

Freestyle tests

EA Freestyle Combined - Nov-Adv .pdf EA Freestyle - Novice.pdf
EA Freestyle - Elementary .pdf  EA Freestyle - Medium.pdf
EA_Freestyle_ Advanced.pdf EA_FEI_Freestyle_MediumTour.pdf

Preliminary tests

 Preliminary 1.1.pdf Preliminary 1.2.pdf EA Preliminary 1.3.pdf

Novice tests

EA Novice 2.1.pdf EA Novice 2.2.pdf EA Novice 2.3.pdf

Elementary tests

EA Elementary 3.1.pdf EA Elementary 3.2.pdf EA Elementary 3.3.pdf

Medium tests

EA Medium 4.1.pdf EA Medium 4.2.pdf EA Medium 4.3.pdf

Advanced tests

 EA_Advanced 5.1.pdf  EA_Advanced 5.2.pdf  EA_Advanced 5.3.pdf

Preparatory tests (2013 tests valid for 2015)

EA_Prep_Test_A.pdf  EA_Prep_Test_D.pdf
EA_Prep_Test_B_40x20.pdf  EA_Prep_Test_E_60x20.pdf

Para Dressage tests

 EA Para Equestrian All Grade Tests Combined.pdf  EA Para Dressage Grade 1a.1 - Walk.pdf
 EA Para Dressage Grade 1a.2 - Walk.pdf  EA Para Dressage Grade 1b.1 - Trot.pdf
 EA Para Dressage Grade 1b.2 Trot.pdf  EA Para Dressage Grade II.1 - Trot.pdf
 EA Para Dressage Grade II.2 - Trot.pdf  EA Para Dressage Grade III.1 - Canter.pdf
 EA Para Dressage Grade III.2 - Canter.pdf  EA Para Dressage Grade IV.2 - Canter.pdf
 EA Para Dressage Grade IV.1 - Canter.pdf  EA Para Dressage Grade IV.3 - Canter.pdf
 EA Para Dressage Grade IV.4 - Canter.pdf  

Young Horse & Pony tests

EA FEI Dressage Tests

Theses tests are to be used at a CDN level only and contain errors of course as per the EA Dressage Rules. For all CDI events please use the FEI Dressage tests located below.

FEI Dressage tests

Amateur Owner rider 

For more information : National_Adult_Amateur_Owner_Rider_Division.pdf