Dressage Rules & Tests

National Dressage rules effective 1 January 2019 can be found  HERE.

Current rules:

EA National Dressage Rules 

Marked version and Summary of changes available HERE.

FEI Dressage Rules 

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How is dressage judged?

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Yellow Cards

Dressage Yellow Cards 





Dressage Tests

Explanatory Notes for Judges Riders 2019 - Final.pdf 

10.12.18 NOTE: Thanks to our riders being so on the ball, a couple of corrections have to be made to the Elementary 3A and 3C tests, which will be done tomorrow. Please hold off downloading until they have been adjusted and likewise, please, if your eagle eyes spot anything else, let us know ASAP!

Freestyle tests

  2019 EA Freestyle - Novice
2019 EA Freestyle - Elementary
2019 EA Freestyle - Medium 2019 EA Freestyle - Advanced

Preliminary tests

2019 EA Preliminary 1A 2019 EA Preliminary 1B
  2019 EA Preliminary 1C

Novice tests

  2019 EA Novice 2A 2019 EA Novice 2B
2019 EA Novice 2C

Elementary tests

2019 EA Elementary 3A 2019 EA Elementary 3B 2019 EA Elementary 3C

Medium tests

2019 EA Medium 4A 2019 EA Medium 4B 2019 EA Medium 4C

Advanced tests

2019 EA Advanced 5A   2019 EA Advanced 5B
  2019 EA Advanced 5C

Preparatory tests (2013 tests valid for 2015)

EA_Prep_Test_A.pdf  EA_Prep_Test_D.pdf
EA_Prep_Test_B_40x20.pdf  EA_Prep_Test_E_60x20.pdf

2014 - 2018 Dressage Tests

Preliminary_1.1.pdf Preliminary 1.2.pdf Preliminary 1.3.pdf
Novice 2.1.pdf Novice 2.2.pdf Novice 2.3.pdf
Elementary 3.1.pdf Elementary 3.2.pdf Elementary 3.3.pdf
Medium 4.1.pdf Medium 4.2.pdf Medium 4.3.pdf
Advanced 5.1.pdf Advanced 5.2.pdf Advanced 5.3.pdf
EA Freestyle - Novice .pdf EA Freestyle - Elementary .pdf EA Freestyle - Medium.pdf


Dressage Tests with diagrams

EA Dressage Tests with diagrams are not published by Equestrian Australia. They are made available thanks to the work of The Dressage Directory and can be downloaded here: 


The diagrams are an indication only and should not be relied on for accuracy. They should always be used in conjunction with the official EA test sheets above which take precedence.

For any question about the DIAGRAM Tests, please contact [email protected] 

Para-Dressage tests

Para-dressage Tests 

Young Horse & Pony tests

Young Horse & Pony tests

FEI Dressage Tests

For all CDI events please use the FEI Dressage tests located on the link below.

From 1/1/2018 the only FEI tests which are valid and to be used by Clubs and Organising Committees are the FEI tests as in the link below. Note that only one error of course is permitted before elimination.

FEI Dressage tests

Amateur Owner rider 

For more information :

National_Adult_Amateur_Owner_Rider_2018_Division.pdf (Criteria until 31 December 2018)

National_Adult_Amateur_Owner_Rider_2019_Division.pdf (Criteria as from 1st January 2019)

How to construct a Dressage arena

The following is a guide of how to erect a Dressage Arena to ensure it conforms with the correct dimensions.

Dressage Arena Guide