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National Dressage Rules 

To view the current Equestrian Australia Dressage Judge Committee (EADJC) committee please click here

Community Officiating General Principles

This course is the entry point for most National Sporting Organisations (including Equestrian Australia) officiating accreditations. Please follow this link and register with the Australian Sports Commission's learning platform if you would like to start your officiating journey: Click Here

General reference documents

 Judge_Updating_Diary_2018-2021.docx   Judge Educator Claim Form - wef 1-1-18.docx
 Mentor_Claim_Form_Shadow_Judging.pdf Judge Educator Claim Form - wef 1-1-18.pdf
  Fast_Track_Coaches_FEI_Riders_Application.pdf  Application for Recognition of Dressage Workshop.doc
Assessment of Trainee Judge Educators.pdf  Judges Test Plan From E or B.pdf
Judge_protocol_sessions for_dressage_riders_25012017.pdf  Judging From E and B.pdf
 Judges Test Plan Sheet.pdf  Using the Scale of Marks by Stephen Clarke.pdf
 Judges Language.pdf  YH - Some Comments to be Used.pdf
 The Collective Marks.pdf   Phrasing Comments on Dressage Sheets.pdf
 Dressage - guidelines for writers and pencillers.pdf  Short in the Neck - Jo Hinneman.pdf
Alternatives to the use of Nice.pdf  How the Training Scale Relates to the Collectives.pdf
Subliminal Influences on the Performance Score in Dressage Tests – Volker Moritz.pdf  Thoughts on judging from Stephen Clarke - January 2016.pdf
For the 2018 Dressage scoring System (developed by Keith Smith), easy resource for clubs and event organisers, please click HERE.  

Expense Claim Forms 



Clubs may use these out of pocket expense claim forms to reimburse judges and stewards officiating at their events.



How to Become a Dressage Judge Workbooks


Pre-requisite Application forms

A Level Judges:  EA_Dressage_Judge_Application_Form_A_Level_Judge_1-1-18_v2.pdf
B Level Judges: EA_Dressage_Judge_Application_Form_B_Level_Judge_1-1-18_v2.pdf
C Level Judges:  EA_Dressage_Judge_Application_Form_C_Level_Judge_1-1-18_v2.pdf
D Level Judges:  EA_Dressage_Judge_Application_Form_D_Level_Judge_1-1-18_v2.pdf
E Level Judges:  EA_Dressage_Judge_Application_Form_E_Level_Judge_Effective_1.1.18_Final_20.8.18.pdf
F Level Judges:  EA_Dressage_Judge_Application_Form_F_Level_Judge_1-1-18_v2.pdf
G Level Judges:  EA_Dressage_Judge_Application_Form_G_Level_Judge_1-1-18_v2.pdf
Para-Equestrian:  EA_Dressage_Judge_Application_Form_P-E_Judge_1-1-18_v2.pdf
Young Horse:  EA_Dressage_Judge_Application_Form_YH_Judge_1-1-18_v2.pdf
Fast Track D Level:  EA_Dressage_Judge_Application_Form_Fast_Track_D_Level_Judge_1-1-18_v2.pdf
Fast Track E Level:  EA_Dressage_Judge_Application_Form_Fast_Track_E_Level_Judge_1-1-18_v2.pdf
Returning Judges:  EA_Dressage_Judge_Application_Form_Judges_Returning_1-1-18_v2.pdf

Shadow judging & Sit in Assessment forms

Shadow Judging Assesment Form - Final 19-10-17.pdf Sit-In Assesment Form - Young Horse.pdf

Exam Process for Theory & Practical Exams

It is no longer EA practice to have past exam papers on the website for revision prior to theory tests. To assist candidates in becoming familiar with the exam process, the ADJC has developed the below document which details the steps :


Technical Delegate Resources

The Technical Delegate will approve the technical and administrative arrangements for the conduct of the competition, for the examinations and inspections of horses, for the accommodation of horses and athletes and for the stewarding of the event.

Stewards Resources

 Stewards recording form.pdf
FEI Stewards Manuals
Education System for FEI Stewards
Stewards ORBT test - General
Stewards ORBT test - Dressage


Upgrading to FEI status

For information on upgrading to FEI status please visit the FEI website 

Share your story ...

If you an EA official who has recently officiated overseas and you are interested in sharing your experiences with other officials and the greater equestrian community, click here :

Official's Insight 

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